The City of Light

How to tell such a story? To be honest, each time I want to talk about the City of Light it is quite starnge for me, because for some reason I have the feeling I am talking about my whole life.

I must have been seventeen or sixteen when one day I came upon a book called The Encyclopedia of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell. It was here when my eyes fell upon the beautifully crafted illustrations by Alan Lee of the celtic tales and legends. And this was basically the beginning of everything. I wanted to capture the feeling of them, but I wanted to do it my way and by telling my own story. My ever first draft was on yellow notes, spread all over my writing table. I wished I had a photo of this to show you now. – It looked hilarious. My next two drafts have been on cheap notebooks and the forth I finally made by typing it on my computer. Until then the whole story was already evolving in something much bigger and transferred itself from initially three tales to five. But it was not until I faced a writers dilemma(yes, another one), that the whole thing slowely shifted in the epic dimensions it has now. It started with a little detail – the trading. For this, I needed more countries, that lead to more cultures and that lead to a complete world with its own world history and origins. Today I can sincerely say this is the project of my life, though I am sure for some it might sound quite bumptious. In the end it’s not even about me, trying to become an author, it is more about me wanting to tell this one story.

Overlapping with the main plot The City of Light handles with a lot of side characters, some of them from different origins helping to complete the bigger picture of the tale. There is a lot of travelling going on, cultures collide because of their differences and the major conflict has its root in the mysterious past of a foreign nation. It is almost like this world is a living breading being and nothing can happen on the one end, that does not affect the other. I could tell you how much more, but before I post the first chapter, I will practice myself in silence. In-between I recommend you to read this,….


For four hundred years, the high kingdom of Avalbach has been torn apart: A terrible civil war has raged between its four kingdoms and almost destroyed the land. With the help of the powerful Clans and the influential merchant guild, the Brotherhood, Avalbach began to flourish again. But the beautiful idyll deceives and in Highhall, the radiant capital of the realm, intrigue and corruption rise to threaten the peace once more.

In this time of upheaval, the lives of five different people entwine:
In Highhall, prince Alan shall be raised to a noble knight but has to face his family’s darker past. High Commander Pwyll pursues a mysterious assassin and discovers a terrible secret. Nimue, the eldest offspring of an impoverished Clan, is longing to become a scholar and embarks on a shady trade. The druid Amargain has a vision of Avalbach’s downfall and decides to take a dangerous journey. And finally, Mullul, a former slave who seeks the last heir of a dead tyrant to surpass a bloody legacy.

Each one of them will shape the destiny of Avalbach, but which future will it hold?